3D Printed Parts for Quandum Aerospace

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Loctite Materials Provide 3D Printing Solutions for Quandum Aerospace

The Challenge

Quandum Aerospace, a Spanish company specializing in aerospace, green energy, and medical technologies tested new Zortrax resin 3D printing ecosystem for a month. Initial feedback from the Quandum engineering team was positive both as to quality of prints and overall design of the Zortrax Inkspire 2 3D printerZortrax Cleaning Station, and Zortrax Curing Station. Quandum wanted to use the new Zortrax 3D printing ecosystem to make medical device parts for one of their clients.

The Solution

The team used Zortrax LOCTITE PRO 410 resin to fabricate the component and achieved excellent results using default settings for this material available in Z-SUITE software that came free with the printer. This 3D printing photopolymer is one of many new professional materials the Inkspire 2 has been designed to work with from the ground up.


Quandum’s team found the Zortrax Powerful Trio to be fast, easy to use and efficient. According to them, the Zortrax Inkspire 2 3D printer, Zortrax Curing Station, and Zortrax Cleaning Station are “amazingly designed”, complement each other perfectly, and can support constant, intensive workloads in high-tech manufacturing company.

The team concluded that the Zortrax Inkspire 2 was perfect for fabricating large prototypes and short-series manufacturing. They stated that the machine was easy to clean and maintain in perfect working condition. Other features highlighted by them included factory-calibration of the build platform, and the resin control system which made it possible to build fairly large parts.

Zortrax Cleaning Station was appreciated for its automation, especially for elevating the models of the cleaning fluid after the cleaning process is done. Zortrax Curing Station, the last link in the resin 3D printing chain, was also found to be simple and easy to use. Each curing session took only a few minutes. Since the correct post-curing time is indicated in Z-SUITE software, there was no confusion as to choosing the right settings.

Zortrax Henkel Loctite Resin Pro 410 is a rigid photopolymer resin that enables fast printing with very high accuracy. Parts printed with this resin have moderate heat resistance (up to 60°C) and excellent surface finish. Zortrax Henkel Loctite PRO410 resin is available in black.

The resin is great for making accurate prototypes, jigs and fixtures, as well as housings and covers.

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