Customized Race Car parts

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Formula UBC Leverages 3D Printing to Innovate in Motorsports

The Challenge

The Formula Race team of the University of British Columbia needed light and robust part to cope with the best fuel economy competition, the autocross and endurance race

The Solution

LOCTITE 3D 3843 intake neck with integrated throttle cable bracket, flat throttle valve + bellmouth and throttle mounting printed with NewPro3D printer.


The new intake neck with integrated throttle cable bracket weighed 20 grams less than the previous design, helping lighten the overall weight of the car. With its tighter tolerances, it also helped maximize airflow.

The flat throttle valve also contributed to the car’s increased performance. It allows air to flow at 99 grams per second versus the previous design’s 45 grams per second, an increase of 120%! The power gains were most noticeable starting at 10,000 RPMs, all the way up to the redline of 15,000 RPM’s, which is the powerband and where the driver spends 20% of his or her time.

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