Driving Clear Innovation in the world of Traffic and Mobility

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Driving Innovation with 3D Printing in the field of Traffic & Mobility

The Challenge

QDP has been working together with their client, Hoeflake Infratechniek, to find innovative solutions to challenges that arise in the world of traffic and mobility. They set out to create a lens to cover the wait sign for a bicycle crossing module on traffic lights. The challenge was making these lenses transparent so that the text “wait” was easy to read, but also give a good diffusion so that the light from the LEDs was spread evenly and pleasant to look at.

The Solution

Using LOCTITE IND405 Clear together with Carbon 3D printers and the DLS™ process the lenses were 3D printed. The lenses were already perfect as they were printed with IND405 so it was not necessary to use any tools or material for finishing. The light was also diffused from the LEDs exactly how it had been envisioned.


  • Printing time was reduced by approximately 8 weeks thanks to not having the need of injection molding tooling, production, and air transport.
  • In the end, the 3D printed production part was 5 times cheaper than the injection molded part.
  • Printing with Loctite IND405 Clear ensures a reliable clear material that is both easy to print and offers great quality.

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