Safety Data Sheets

How To Locate LOCTITE 3D Printing Safety Data Sheets

Our safety data sheets are can be found our Henkel’s online database. Please follow the directions outlined below to locate safety data sheets for 3D printing resin.

  • 1. Use the Safety Data Sheet link to access the Henkel Data database.
    • Can be found above, or in the footer menu on any page.
Safety Data Sheet 1

  • 2. You will now arrive on the general repository of Safety Data Sheets fromHenkel. Click on ‘Adhesive Technologies.’
Safety Data Sheet 2

  • 3. Enter the product name/number you are looking for, language and your
    country. Please add an asterisk (*) before the product name as depicted below.

    • Note: The United Kingdom is noted as Great Britain.
Safety Data Sheet 3

  • 4. Click Search and the document listings will appear underneath. Click on the
    PDF icon on the left hand side to open or download the document.
Safety Data Sheet 4

In case of any questions or troubles finding the right document, please reach out to for support.