Introducing Onyx Impact Plus, the Newest Resin from Phrozen

Introducing Onyx Impact Plus, the Newest Resin from Phrozen

Today, we are proud to announce the latest resin from Phrozen, a Taiwan-based LCD 3D printing company, in collaboration with Henkel Loctite 3D Printing. ONYX Impact Plus is far from the average DIY resin on the market. Featuring superior shock resistance and strong weight endurance, this resin is perfect for the prosumer that is looking to bring new strength to their 3D printed parts with engineering-grade resins from Henkel LOCTITE 3D Printing.

To celebrate the launch of this new material, Phrozen is offering a pre-sale bundle only available until this Friday, 10/21! The bundle provides a discount on two bottles of the all new ONYX Impact Plus, as well as free air shipping. This offer is only available in select regions, terms and conditions apply. Head over to the Phrozen website for all the details.

If you’re region isn’t a part of the pre-sale bundle, check back soon for general stock availability in late November! 

Onyx Impact Packshot


Ultra-high impact resistance that withstands even the most vigorous attacks continuously, suitable for your most demanding applications


With an extreme weight endurance power, a single 6mm thick board can sustain the weight of a motorcycle!


Phrozen ONYX Impact Plus is highly durable and resilient that will maintain integrity and always return to its original shape.

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