Customized resins enabling medical devices applications

Anatomical Models

LOCTITE 3D 8195 Elastomeric

Flexible & easy to print

Elastomeric material with firm compression properties and quick rebound performance to emulate soft rubber material. Easy to print, recommended for gaskets, elastomeric lattice foam replacements and anatomical models.


  • Excellent surface finish across various SLA & DLP printer platforms
  • 1-part elastomeric material
  • High resilience and high energy return


LOCTITE 3D 3840 HDT50 High Accuracy

Versatile high-resolution printing

Semi rigid resin that allows to print at high resolution, with great accuracy. Ideal to manufacture functional parts required in customized fixtures and prototyping applications.


  • Easy to print across platforms with high resolution
  • Not brittle (semi-flex)
  • Low shrinkage, short exposure times during printing