Back on the Road with LOCTITE at AMUG 2021

As we move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, our team is starting to hit the road again! Hear insights from Henkel’s Cindy Deekitwong and Brian Durand from the show floor of AMUG 2021! 

Cindy and Brian Kick Off at AMUG 2021

Hear from Cindy Deekitwong and Brian Durand as they discuss changing user behaviors, photopolymers in the Additive Manufacturing industry, and how LOCTITE is adding value by delivering technology and trust.

The Growth Potential of Additive Manufacturing with Kevin Dyer of InterPRO

Brian Durand had a chance to speak with one of our valued partners, Kevin Dyer, the founder and CEO of InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group. Watch as they discuss trends in the Additive Manufacturing industry, the potential for growth, and more on the conference floor at AMUG 2021.

Driving Photopolymer Printing Beyond Production with Eli Chodock

 Listen as Cindy Deekitwong hears insights from Eli Chodock on how photopolymer resins have transitioned from early prototyping applications to end use production in just a few years and how LOCTITE materials played a critical role in enabling this change.

Photopolymers in Medical with John Hauer of Get3DSmart

John Hauer chats with Cindy Deekitwong and shares his perspective about how the medical sector has realized the value of photopolymer 3D printing with PPE and other COVID-19 related applications. John Hauer and Cindy Deekitwong also discuss how the industry is expected to make a strong bounce back as society emerges from the pandemic.

Bringing Diversity to 3D Printing with Kristin Mulherin of Women in 3D Printing

Cindy Deekitwong chats with Kristin Mulherin, an acting board member for Women in 3D Printing. Listen as Cindy and Kristin chat about how the 3D Printing industry gained momentum during the COVID 19 pandemic, and how they think LOCTITE is making the industry a more inclusive space for people of all backgrounds.

3D Printing Shaping Supply Chains with Ed Graham of ProtoCAM

From the show floor of AMUG 2021, we hear from our partner Ed Graham, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at ProtoCAM. Listen as he shares his perspective with Brian Durand on how Additive Manufacturing is changing the structure of supply chains, providing advanced materials for end-use parts and more!